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Tech recruitment and sourcing

For many HR, recruitment, and employer branding professionals, finding, activating, engaging, and retaining tech talent is a challenge. We provide 2 main solutions for companies who wish to make sure they hire the right talent at the right time.

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tech event organizers

It is difficult for most tech event organizers & sponsors to develop, build, and maintain enterprise-grade developer activities for their sponsors, such as coding competitions, challenges, and hackathons.

Host amazing specialized tech events in days.

Get full access to verified, qualified leads and full data on your audience’s design thinking, code reliability, and soft skills with a live coding competition at any tech event.

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tech event sponsors

Most tech event sponsors face difficulty developing, building, and maintaining enterprise-grade developer activities for their recruitment, development, tech branding, or employer branding business units, such as coding competitions, challenges, and hackathons

A company’s thought leadership in the technical domain cannot be conveyed to software engineers through cheap “swag” like branded T-shirts, backpacks, fidget spinners and other gimmicks. 

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Our vision

100,000 hours – Software engineers work roughly this much over their lifetimes

“Almost all IT talent considers certain companies “cool” to work for… We created a solution to make “not-cool” or non-techie companies extremely attractive to top tech talent.”