About us

DevOlympics is

an all-in-one tech recruiting and event-organizing platform.

By providing AI-assisted technology, world-class support, and inspiring content, we empower our customers to find their ideal tech talent & to become known and well-respected within a certain tech community in a matter of weeks. Active since 2018 DevOlympics provides turnkey solutions for complex tech recruiting and employer branding challenges.

The beginnings

Established in 2018 we started out as a tech community-based coding challenge meetup group. Our goal was to help developers learn together and improve their problem-solving skills in an accepting and supportive environment while matching these talents with “cool” but rather unknown companies. We prioritized unknown but “cool” companies to find top tech talent that matches their culture.

Our clients

5 years after its inception with a wide range of tailored services from “tech event” organization and execution, to soft and hard skill screening support, to branded events in e-commerce, big data, AI, and more, we serve numerous EU-based and US clients.


Our impact on tech audiences and inbound tech recruiting is comparable only to developer relations (DevRel) and advocate operations costing companies like Microsoft hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

It was designed as an alternative to the large-budget DevRel and expensive in-house Tech Recruiting departments of major tech companies like Twitter or Facebook.

Most companies cannot afford oversized, expensive software engineer outreach and activity programs to fuel their tech recruitment and employer branding funnels. DevOlympics’ programs provide just that impact at less than 1% of the cost.

Tech talent shortage

DevOlympics’ dedicated developer-relations technology and expertise have eliminated the shortage in tech talent for our clients. Despite not having the resources of their larger competitors, these clients are able to grow and retain their tech talent pool from anywhere at any time.