Yes and… no.

It feels like a daily occurrence that thousands of software engineers are being fired left and right all over the world from “cool” tech companies. But does this mean for your company, that your position as a tech recruiter is better?

Many would think so. If you are a tech recruiter working at a company that is still struggling to hire engineers for one of the 4 main reasons tech recruitment is actually hard in 2022, then your job is going to be even harder in this current environment.


Why harder? There are more developers available for work, aren’t there?

Even though there are more developers now available for work, Your company’s brand image did not change from what it was before the recent layoffs.

IT pros fired from “cool companies” now have a hard time trusting any other company, especially if that company seems to be doing the “same as everyone else”, for example:

  • Generic job ads
  • LinkedIn copy-pasted headhunter/recruiter emails followed by ghosting
  • CV-based “skill evaluation”
  • Whiteboard interviews
  • Weeks-long recruitment processes
  • Bias-filled screening procedures
  • Non-transparent salary offering
  • Unclear communication about what the job entails
  • An unclear or lacking vision of the product, the company or both

It is harder and harder to make a great first impression on software engineers in 2022 and 2023 as they have clear preferences & expectations when it comes to their next workplace.

Our data has shown, that software engineers seem to gravitate toward companies they consider “cool” to work for.

Creating the image of a “cool” company is not a money matter

  • There seems to be a clear preference for companies that have a transparent and technical skill assessment procedure with complementing candidate feedback flows.
  • Developers seem to value transparency and clear communication at every phase of the recruitment process
  • Part of being cool is how the sourcing is done. Clearly articulated, transparent, objective, relevant &  responsive methodologies lead our opinion polls. (Copy-pasted cringe tech recruiter and diehard headhunter mass emails are at the bottom of the “wishlist” of engineers.)


What is employer branding and why does it matter so much with “techies”?

Every brand and organization has a reputation. It includes a mix of things, such as thoughts about your products, services, management, team members, corporate culture (or lack thereof), and more. Your company’s reputation can also go beyond to inspire a specific perception — emotional, instinctive, intellectual — in the people who see your (job) ads, use your products, and eventually, speak to others about you. That reputation is known as your brand, and it can be a powerful, mysterious, and synergistic force — far more than just what you sell or your office.

Your organization also has a second brand related to its primary brand about how you’re viewed as an employer. This is your employer brand, and it lives and breathes in the minds and hearts of your former, current, and future employees. Speaking of IT professionals who deliver tremendous value to your company by developing its products you should consider developing a sound strategy to attract & retain them.

IT professionals do their own research so

“in today’s increasingly competitive job market where there is an overwhelming shortage of IT personnel, a positive employer brand is critical. Without one, hiring and retaining the best tech talent becomes challenging — and costly.

You need talented, leadership-bound IT professionals to drive your business forward, and the best way to find them is to cast the impression that your company is a great place to work. Everything from the salary and benefits packages you offer to advancement opportunities to weekly happy hours, the culture of an organization, and the treatment of its employees can greatly impact the impression you’re trying to make on potential candidates.”

This layoff crisis could be a wakeup call for many companies

To reevaluate their tech recruiting, hiring, skill testing, activation, engagement, onboarding, and retention processes and strategies.  We are a trusted partner for many companies that were once considered “not cool” by developers.

Now, these companies across Europe enjoy a good standing in the engineering communities and managed to stand out as the “next logical career step” for many Senior and Medior Engineers.

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