100,000 hours

Software engineers work roughly this much over their lifetimes

DevOlympics’ journey began in 2018 when we asked ourselves a simple question: How can we improve the job search experience for both IT talent and HR people?

IT professionals, HR professionals, and commercial people have a lot in common. Most IT talent considers certain companies “cool” to work for and belong to. Whenever you talk with software engineers and other IT talent in these “cool” companies, you instantly realize that there is an additional “spark” between them and their organization. Our goal in 2018 was to capture this spark in some way to enable “not-cool” companies to attract the same technical talent as “cool” companies.


As a result, we got to work and discovered how to bring that “spark” to life!

The result we came up with was a simple, exciting, and engaging solution that helps companies find those little bits of spark in IT talent during their sourcing & hiring processes.

Then we realized we could do more than just find this spark of chemistry: we were able to design a flawless process that reaches out, captivates, identifies, verifies, manages, quantifies, and analyzes IT talent to make Companies shine! With our AI-powered solution, HR professionals and Recruitment Marketing professionals are able to create engaging and targeted developer outreach programs, events, and skill verification programs in minutes.


As we leap forward to 2022

many clients of ours are now attracting top IT talent, capturing their attention, and presenting themselves as an obvious next career step with our solutions. We provide them with powerful analytics and measurement tools, tailored to their needs and organizational context. In virtually any situation and at any time, they can recognize and activate outstanding talent at the flick of a switch.

What motivates us to do what we do?

Is it to make money? Yes, of course. Capitalizing on talent? Without a doubt. In the midst of the “great war of talent,” IT professionals’ skills and work are often misunderstood and undervalued. With DevOlympics, we hope to elevate software engineers and IT talent in general. It is our belief that the tech community is the backbone of this new online world, and that “techies” and engineers are the people behind it. Together, the tech communities and online and software-based businesses will prosper if we at DevOlympics work better.