Tech recruiting wasn’t meant to be all about sourcing all the time.


We’ll handle qualification and sourcing so you can focus on what you do best.

Say goodbye to endless sourcing and hello to qualified candidate pipelines delivered straight to your inbox.


Tech recruiters like you can do their finest work with DevOlympics’ solutions by:


  1. Working with verified & curated batches of IT candidates that meet your criteria, whenever and wherever you need them.

  2. Empowering you with in-depth technical reporting. Share the candidates’ detailed hard-skill information with technical team leads who expect you to deliver properly sourced candidates.

  3. Reclaim time each day to focus on candidate experience, not sourcing.

  4. Engage the right candidates immediately with quick, smart & easy outreach methods.

  5. Automatically verify & qualify all open CV applications. 


We’re not your average recruiting tool.


With more than 10 years of experience in DevRel, developer marketing, and tech recruitment, DevOlympics combines machine learning, developer sourcing best practices, and human insights. This helps top teams find qualified IT candidates quickly and efficiently.

It’s like hiring a trusted, specialized team of recruiters who learn to think like you!


Now through December 31, 2022 get 1 month FREE when you purchase an Enterprise annual subscription.*

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