The 2022 tech recruitment and employer branding annual report


2021-2022 was a very intense year for Tech Recruiters, HR professionals, and Employer Branding Specialists. After 2 years of the pandemic lockdowns, many companies hoped to go back to normal.

In many ways, the DevOlympics Team was “sad to see 2019-2021 go as these were the 2 years when our tech employer branding services’ popularity skyrocketed.

When the whole (IT) world moved on to hybrid events, companies and tech event organizers found it extremely hard to

  • Engage IT professionals in a meaningful way.
  • To attract new IT talent to companies that were not known, or not considered “cool” by developers
  • To verify IT professionals’ hard and soft skills in the recruitment and screening process
  • To onboard IT talent to new, remote-based company culture and environment
  • To retain IT talent with an almost exclusively remote setup
  • To foresee and handle the various new phenomenons such as the “Great Resignation” & “Silent Quitting”

Our goal with this report is to provide you with data on the impact our “disrupting” methodology & services offer to multiple stakeholders in medium-large organizations.


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  • HR Impact
  • Employer branding Impact


To dive in please download our our report from here.