Tech hiring self-assessment

These 5 main questions might help you self-assess whether or not you need help with tech-hiring & retention

Q #1: How long does it take you to hire a candidate who will match your job role AND stay at least 2 years?

That is one of the core pains in every company that needs to hire technical talent and cannot afford a high turnover.

tech hiring self-assessment

Q #2: How do you verify your candidates fit for the role?

Are you assessing candidates with practical, current, and relevant coding and problem-solving tests? Developers shine in problem-solving, not in writing and presenting Resumes.

Q #3: Do you dig deep into the technologies and job role specifications when assessing your candidates?

It is hard to get lost in a generic test, but for the sake of your business it might be essential to do so.

hiring developers

Q #4: How do you optimize and scale your tech hiring process?

Sourcing, recruiting, hiring & retaining the right technical talent often seems like an impossible mission. There are a lot of moving parts, most of which we tend to overlook. DevOlympics organizes your KPIs into an easily consumable bundle of reports that will help you reach your targets every month.

Q #5: Do you have a junior talent nurturing flow?

If you have a good talent nurturing process in place it might be easier to keep a constant flow of technical talent in your recruitment pipeline at the lowest possible cost.

DevOlympics Coding Challenges
DevOlympics Coding Challenges